AMPHBIAN is a new music and video arts series curated by Matthew Greenbaum.  Based in New York at theHiArt Gallery at 227 W29th Street it has presented over 50 premieres of works by composers and video artists over a four-year period and has hosted various soloists and ensembles, including the Momenta Quartet, the Cygnus Ensemble, Mari Kimura and many others.  AMPHIBIAN concerts are regularly presented by the Japan Society for Sonic Arts at the Kyoto Goethe-Haus.
AMPHIBIAN is a forum for “visual music,”which has emerged as its own discipline, having originated in early 20th century experimental film. Currently, the term “visual music” applies to works—usually digital—that closely combine abstract musical and visual ideas. But it also describes purely visual works that aspire to the condition of music through abstraction and formalization of structure and pattern.  Recent innovations include sound and sculptures and environmental installations.
AMPHIBIAN has commissioned a number of composers to score early 20th-century experimental films, including the four films in Walter Ruttmann’s LICHTSPIEL series (1921-25).


June 2016: Goethe-Haus/Tokyo
Films of Walter Ruttmann, scored by William Anderson, Stephanie Griffin, Joshua Hartmann and Heather Mease, plus additional visual music works

April 6 2016
Recital: Felix Del Tredici, trombone
Alvin Lucier : Wind Shadows
Luciano Berio: Sequenza V
Matthew Greenbaum: Leviathan, for trombone and video animation
Anthony Ciesielka: New work for trombone

AMPHIBIAN: featuring SPEAKmusic
April 16, 7PM 2015  Guest Artist: David Holzman, piano

Mario Davidovsky: Electronic Study #3 (1965)
Rob Sbar/Hans Richter: Ghosts before breakfast
Carlos Johns-Davila:     La Huaconada
Shigenobu Nakamura:       Kyozon
Haleh Abgheri:      Vocal Essay #11 (2007)
Remo Spada, video
Eliska Cilkova:     Pripyat Piano: The Zone of Chernobyl
Dmitri Shostakovich       Fugue in a minor
Boris Tishchenko:         from Sonata “Eureka”
Duncan Neilson:           Dreamhorses
Stefan Wolpe:             Passacaglia for piano
Kyozon: Shigenobu: Kyozon

April 30, 2015 at 7pm The Nicholas Roerich Museum 319 West 107th Street
Guest Artist: Stephanie Griffin, viola

Jonathan Kramer:      Music for Piano 5
Chason Goldfinger:      Make of Yourself a Light
Tristan Murail:             C’est un jardin secret, ma soeur, ma fiancée,
Une source scellée, une fontaine close…
Heather Mease: Wouldn
Anthony Ciesielka:         Happily Fused and Happily Dis-fused
Benjamin Safran/ Filmstudie
Hans Richter:
Jeffrey Mumford:          wending
Matthew Greenbaum:      I saw the Procession of the Empress on First Avenue

Joseph Morag, violin Deborah Bradley Kramer, piano

March TBA
Works by Vicente Alexim, Saburo Hirano, Yuki Okada, Jun Mizumachi, Lillian F. Schwartz, and Dennis Miller