Double Song for viola sola (2011) a contribution to Perspectives of New Music’s memorial to Milton Babbitt, Spring 2012.

“Nameless” and other Works : Furious Artisans Recordings  facd6812

The Cygnus Ensemble and the Momenta Quartet, with sopranos Priscilla Herreid, Elizabeth Farnum and Julie Bishop, mezzo-soprano Re’ut Ben Ze’ev, and violinist Miranda Cuckson.

Nameless, for three soprani and two chamber groups

Wild Rose, Lily, Dry Vanilla for mezzo-soprano, flute, oboe, violin, cello, guitar and banjo

Chaconne by Attrition for violin alone

Venerable Canons for flute and violin


Matthew Greenbaum: Psalter and Other Works. Castelnau

Psalter: Joyce Castle/Parnassus

Prospect Retrospect for cello and piano: Fred Sherry/Blair McMillen

from A Floating Island: Network for New Music

Castelnau for string quartet: The Momenta Quartet

Elegy: David Holzman, piano

Untimely Observations, for viola and piano: Stephanie Griffin/Blair McMillen


Nod Quiet Ox for oboe and piano. Fabian Menzel and Bernhard Endres. Antes/Bella Musica


Amulet, for piano solo.  David Holzman, Centaur CRC 2291